Friday, February 24, 2012

Drayton didn't want Jeter

Yeah, we're back to this for now - because otherwise we'd be talking about Ryan Braun, and I just don't want to do that.

Phil Rogers had a little note this morning about the 1992 draft, and that Phil Nevin pick:

According to the guy that we spoke to, the Houston Astros were poised to select Jeter with the first overall pick in the 1992 draft. Their area scouts in Michigan had been all over him for years and scouting director Dan O'Brien Jr. was sure that the high school shortstop was the best player in the country.

Unfortunately for them , Drayton McLane wanted them to take a college player who could get to the Astrodome quickly. And because McLane had just purchased the team from John McMullen, his word was the only one that counted.

How did the four teams behind the Astros whiff on Jeter? Because the Yankees called his parents and said they'd take him with the #6 pick. So when the Indians, Expos, Orioles, and Reds called Jeter's family they said that he was intent on going to the University of Michigan. And then the Yankees called.


James said...

So the moral of the story is that Jeter would have told the Astros he's going to Michigan and he wouldn't have played here even if McLane wanted him. Makes me feel better about the missed pick. Whose to say McLane realized he wasn't going to get Jeter so went with someone else?

Hal J said...

I agree with James.

And I think it's really silly to fault McLane for not picking Jeter, and then let 4 other owners/teams off the hook for a reason that could easily apply to McLane also.

Anonymous said...

Old news is not news at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't let any of the other teams/owners off the hook. They all missed big time. Still a BAD move by McClane.

Anonymous said...

No. If they chose not to pick Jeter because they knew he wouldn't sign with them it isn't a miss. It would have been a miss if they had picked him and he refused to sign.

The only BAD move by McLane(not McClane) in the '92 Draft is who they actually did pick, not for not picking someone they probably wouldn't have signed anyway.

Reuben said...

Well, the article says "when the Yankees heard that the Astros were selecting Cal State Fullerton's Phil Nevin with the first pick, they gave Jeter's family a quick call to say they'd love to have him with the sixth overall pick." Which implies that perhaps the Astros could've signed him. Hal Newhouser (the HOF pitcher) was the Astros scout who loved Jeter, and apprently he was so pissed at the Astros for going with Nevin instead that he quit.

So, no, much as I'd like to let it go, I'm not letting McLane off the hook for this one. Yet another example of how he meddled too much with the baseball side of the business, which he didn't understand at all.