Friday, February 17, 2012

Astros plan to make it more fun to watch the Astros

...Not necessarily by winning short-term, anyway, but by the opportunities they have to look to replace Milo. George Postolos is going to bring former players to the booth as he experiments with lining up on-air talent for radio broadcasts.

“One of the things we have heard early and often from season-ticket holders and others is that they would like to see more player involvement. We’re going to experiment with that this year, and we have a natural platform with our flashback Fridays and our Saturday games.

This makes me even more sad that Jose Lima is no longer with us. Because that would have been RADIO GOLD.


Anonymous said...

I moved to houston at the start of Lima Time. I still remember his commercials with his little dance

Anonymous said...

Dudes, you guys made me smile for the 1st time.

Anonymous said...

Err smile for the first time today.