Thursday, February 23, 2012

Astros had the 29th-best off-season, according to Jon Heyman

Despite the Angels getting a first baseman they "don't really need" (and isn't that the American dream, after all?), Jon Heyman says they had the best off-season OF ALL!

More appropriate for our purposes, the Astros were ranked 29th, only better than the Mets. Why so low?

They took a flyer on the oft-injured Fernando Martinez but after failing to unload Wandy Rodriguez, Carlos Lee or Brett Myers, they basically return the same team. Which is not necessarily good news when you lost 106 games.

So, to recap, the Angels had a great off-season because they got a player they didn't technically need (yes, I know, if you can add Albert Pujols, you should do it). The Astros didn't dump their three highest-paid players, and took a chance on a young outfielder who could turn into something, didn't add unnecessary payroll, continued looking beyond 2012, and sucked the high hard one.

Got it.


Anonymous said...

Wait... you're not implying Heyman is a hack I hope?!

Terence said...

Of all the guys that we're taking flyers on, how is Fernando Martinez the one that makes the list?

And the 2012 OD lineup will probably have 8 players that were not in the 2011 OD lineup and the one holdover will have changed positions. How is that basically the same team?

Heyman:Sports Journalism::Taco Bell:Culinary Sciences

Hal J said...

Comparing Jon Heyman to Taco Bell is an affront to Taco Bell.