Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Astros avoid arbitration with Jed Lowrie

The Astros have avoided arbitration with SS Jed Lowrie.

Back in January, the Astros were interested in giving Lowrie $900K, whereas Lowrie was interested in the Astros giving him $1.5m. So they settled before the hearing for $1.15m, which by using 100,000 people's fingers, is $50K less than the midpoint.

And if you click the link, you'll read Lowrie's agent say that Lowrie is in the - yes - best shape of his life.

“The biggest issue with Jed has been the amount of time he’s spent on the field as opposed to in the training room and on the DL, but there’s nothing about his skill set that would suggest that he can’t play an everyday role if he’s healthy.”

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