Monday, February 20, 2012

And here's where I would disagree with J.A. Happ

Zachary Levine's Camp-opening story has a little quote from J.A. Happ, who is obviously ready to put 2011 behind him:

"We’re anxious to put last year behind us and start on a new foot. I think everyone knows we’re better than the way we ended up last year."

I'm not so sure that's right. The Astros were bad, historically bad. They finished in the bottom four in the NL in: runs scored, homers, walks, SLG, OPS. And on the pitching side? ERA, complete games, saves, hits allowed, runs allowed, earned runs allowed, and walks allowed.

So nope, I'm pretty sure the Astros were appropriately rated - especially on a Major-League level, in 2011.


Terence said...

Well the Astros did underperform their pythag by 6 wins, their 2nd order wins by 7 wins, and their 3rd order wins by 8 wins, so math would agree with Happ.

Funny enough, this website where I found the data had the Astros outperforming the Pirates according to 3rd order wins. 16 games!!

Reuben said...

What the heck are 2nd- and 3rd-order wins??