Monday, February 13, 2012

The American League West can go screw itself

I'm starting to seriously hate the AL West.

First it's Albert Pujols signing an eternal contract with the Angels that includes a provision where he doesn't age, regress, or die.

Then it's Yu Darvish signing a contract with the Rangers. This, of course, could not turn out the way that everyone is sort of expecting (meaning: Darvish is probably going to be pretty damn good).

Now it's highly-coveted Cuban defector (which makes him more bad-ass) Yoenis Cespedes signing a 4yr/$36m contract with Oakland.

Screw this AL West noise. If we get enough people together to donate the money to cover the discount Crane got for allowing the Astros to move to the AL, can the Astros move back to the NL Central?