Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wallace, on why he got released by Escogido

Brian McTaggart has a story on Brett Wallace, who talks about being with the Astros longer than he's been with any organization (!). But he also addressed his Winter Ball experience.

If you recall, back in mid-November, Wallace was released by Escogido (Manager: Tony DeFrancesco; General Manager: Moises Alou). He was sort of sucking it up to that point in the season, but Wallace has an alibi:

"It was one of those things -- you start to struggle a little bit and people start pitching you differently," Wallace said. "And when I was down there, I actually hurt my back about two or three weeks in and I just wasn't really swinging the way I wanted to. I started making adjustments to try to play, and I think they realized that, too. It was probably best for me to come home and get ready to go. This season is the most important thing to me."

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