Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So. Many. Outfielders.

In the wake of the Fernando Martinez waiver claim, here are the other outfielders vying for spots in 2012, with 2011 stats:

Brian Bogusevic: .287/.348/.457 (182 PAs)
Jason Bourgeois: .294/.323/.357 (238 PAs)
Carlos Lee: .275/.342/.446 (653 PAs)
J.D. Martinez: .274/.319/.423 (226 PAs)
Jordan Schafer: .242/.309/.315 (337 PAs)
J.B. Shuck: .272/.359/.321 (92 PAs)


Anonymous said...

Unless Shuck gets fast enough to play CF, I think he could use another season at AAA and then he's ready to be a perfect 4th or 5th OF. He doesn't necessarily need it but as a player that won't play every day, he'll benefit from the extra seasoning. And with Only one option remaining I hope they keep F-Mart in AAA until he's truely ready. GO BOURGEOIS!!!

Anonymous said...

now that none of the options include Jason Michaels, I will consider this progress.