Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick note on Cust

Buried in a links post over at Fangraphs, Carson Cistulli gives us this first hand account of Jack Cust during a minor league game:

I once saw Cust, playing in a Sacramento River Cats game, see 17 pitches over three plate appearances and swing only once.

Also in that post is a link to an analysis of the signing from a fantasy perspective from Rotographs, the fantasy arm of Fangraphs.

If Cust is able to meet the Bill James projections for 2012, he should end up worth roughly .5 WAR, which would place his value around $2-3 million.

Until we know the dollar amount of the contract and what moves the Astros need to make to the 40 man roster to make room for Cust, I'm going to withhold judgement on this deal.

*Edit: So now we know the deal is a non-guaranteed $600k with a club option for 2013. Almost no risk for the Astros. You can find a little info about non-guaranteed deals here.


Anonymous said...

My imagination cannot figure out how this makes any sense. Best case: Carlos is traded, Cust regains his form and takes bats away from a young player needing experience.

My bigger concern is that this is a prelude to many future head scratchers, making me accept the fact that the Astros might be bad for a very long time.

Juvenile Court Clerk said...

He potentially provides two things the Astros sorely missed last season: the ability to get on-base, and power. Granted, his power has been on the decline the last few seasons.

I think best case is that he's a solid bench bat. Most of our young OF still have options left, and I'd rather see them get regular playing time in OKC than rot on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Why have a fifth outfielder who can't play in the outfield? Serious

I understand the experience reason in the abstract, but not in the specific. Which specific outfielder needs more ABs in the minors. I assume we are not talking about JD or Bogusevic, and certainly not Bourgeois.

So that leaves Shuck. I'm not understanding how more ABs in AAA will help him. He is most likely an extra outfielder at best, and would be best helped by getting major league ABs. Besides the fact that he can do so much more than Cust, any AB Cust takes from a young player is a wasted AB, IMO.

The more I think about it, the less I think of it. A complete head scratcher.