Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Luhnow hires Mike Fast

So it came out in Jeff Luhnow's Sloan Sports chat that the Astros have hired Mike Fast - otherwise known on Twitter as Fastballs. He's an Austin-based writer for Baseball Prospectus whose archive can be found here.

According to Fast's "acceptance tweet," he'll have a role in baseball operations.

In Zachary Levine's article for the Chronicle, he writes:
Fast, one of the foremost experts on pitch trajectory (PITCHf/x) data, has also written on HITf/x data for BP. Some of his latest writings have been on hit-and-run success, quantifying how much control pitchers have over batted balls and an analysis of hot and cold zones for hitters.

Rany Jazayerli had this to say:
I have a problem with Astros hiring @fastballs. My problem: WHAT TOOK SO LONG? He's one of the best baseball analysts anywhere. About time.

High praise, indeed.

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Deputy Jason said...

I like this hire. It never hurts to add smart baseball people with innovative ideas.