Monday, January 23, 2012

Jim Crane is doing exactly the right thing to get fans back

There's a press conference currently taking place, where Jim Crane is announcing some fan-friendly initiatives for the 2012 season. These are culled from the press conference, and from Steve Campbell, Zachary Levine, and Alyson Footer's tweets. Among the new initiatives (Here's a link to Footer's post:

*Season ticket prices are being lowered.
*Cheapest seats are being reduced from $7 to $5.
*You can now bring food and drinks into MMP
*A 14-oz. beer is now $5.

Notably, Levine tweets that uniform changes are being considered for 2013, but nothing for the 50th anniversary season coming up.

Does it improve the on-field product? No. But Crane is doing what he needs to do in the short-term to get fans in the seats, which will ultimately help the on-field product.

Here's something crazy: Crane says the Apparatus will even evaluate changing the "Astros" name. How do you feel about that? Keep in mind, Crane originally said the name would stay the same, but it at least shows that they are re-evaluating EVERYTHING about the franchise.


Anonymous said...

I gave him mental bonus points for the discounts and food stuff. However, all those points and more vanished when he said he would consider a name change. The dude has a lot of idiot in him. Seriously, a lot of idiot.

No businessman drops a fifty year brand for no good reason.

Astros County said...

Anon: Most everyone who is paid to cover the team (and this does not include AC) doesn't think the team name will actually change.

I'm currently taking his comments to mean that everything the Astros were about up to this point is under evaluation.

Should he have said it? Probably not, because it's all fans are going to key in on. Everything they wanted - cheaper tickets, lower concession prices, even the color scheme, was addressed. But people are going to forget all of that and assume he's going to change the name to the Houston Seligs. I seriously doubt he will.

So far Crane has listened to fan input and responded accordingly. Even if he was considering a team name, now that he sees 99% of fans screaming, he has probably changed his mind.

Focus on what he said he would definitively do, not the name change.

Anonymous said...

I think they should change the name. I hate the move to the AL. So leave the Astro's in the NL and call them something else. Frankly I don't care what that call them as the play in the AL, but just leave the Astro's in the NL.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I'm ALLOWED to bring in my liquor filled flask now?