Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Bounty Offers from Astros County

I know for a fact that Astros County has in its number a few minor-leaguers (and potentially major-leaguers, but I can't verify it) playing in the Astros organization. That's why we want to spice up the 2012 season by offering this bounty:

1. Any Astros player - minor-league or major-league - who, upon hitting a home run, throws their bat at the press box and yells, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" will receive $50 from Astros County.

2. Video proof is necessary.

3. Furthermore, if the crowd chants "SPANIARD! SPANIARD! SPANIARD!" after the home run, we will give the player another $100 and a box of Wheat Thins.

There's even an offer for pitchers:

1. If any pitcher strikes out a batter to end a road game, and he yells from the mound, "Smells like somebody died" (via Tombstone), he will receive $50.

2. Video proof is necessary.


1. If any Astros organization player (Major League or Minor-League) were to take a picture holding an Astros County Proof of Citizenship (on the right-hand side of your screen) - you will receive a prize.

2. If any Astros organization player records a humorous video mentioning Astros County, you will receive a better prize.

All submissions can be sent to astroscounty (at)

Furthermore if you are just a loyal reader of Astros County, take a photo holding the Proof of Citizenship and send it in, and we'll post it on AC.

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