Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reactions to Melancon/Lowrie-Weiland trade

Here are some quick reactions to the trade today (from respected tweeters, woofers):

the Astros are unlikely to contend next year, so having a lights-out closer isn’t tantamount. Expect the club to get a good look next year at several arms they believe could close in the future. The bottom line is the Astros traded one young player and two more in return. The rebuildling continues.

Keith Law (Insider-only):
Jeff Luhnow's first move as general manager of the Houston Astros isn't a huge one, but it's a great deal for them and shows just how badly the club was mismanaged under Ed Wade over the last few years.

Baseball America:
First on new Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow's to-do list: acquire viable options to play shortstop and catcher, the two most demanding positions on the field. His search continues for a catcher to cover for the injured Jason Castro, but odds are he found his shortstop in a trade with the Red Sox.

A healthy Lowrie will make this look like a steal for Houston three years down the road, but we haven’t seen a healthy Lowrie all too often. It’s entirely possible that Weiland will outproduce Melancon next season by himself, but contenders often have to overpay a bit to deal with their pressing needs.

Sky Kalkman:
Well crap, it appears I'm going to have to give @jluhnlow the Friedman treatment and fanboy all his moves no matter what.

Jay Jaffe:
Those of you clucking about Jed Lowrie's durability, are you really going to hold a 4-month bout of mono against him?

Eno Sarris:
Weiland for Melancon would have been fair. Adding Lowrie was a mistake.

Melancon was all it took to get Jed Lowrie? Jeez.

Marc Normandin:
This is a trade where both sides did well. I know we all hate trades without clear winners.

Jon Heyman:
melancon nice pickup for #redsox. cant be their closer, tho. they still need someone for the 9th.

Buster Olney:
Like the Astros-Red Sox trade for both sides; Melancon gives BOS possible high-end reliever, and Lowrie could do some damage for HOU.

Keith Olbermann:
Red Sox rip Astros off