Monday, December 19, 2011

These ZIPS projections are rated NC-17

Dan Szymborski has your ZIPS projections for the Astros. And hey, Jim Crane, I hope you got a prenup with Luhnow.

The long reckoning expected by observers for an organization that had a GM in Ed Wade that simultaneously ignored the major leagues, the minors leagues, and any kind of thrift, finally came to pass, with no late season mirage of adequacy to convinced the team to double-down on failure.

Browse for yourself, but here are some highlights:

Some interesting projections:
Carlos Lee: .273/.323/.441
J.D. Martinez: .281/.335/.414
Jed Lowrie: .249/.316/.414
Jordan Schafer: .224/.291/.320

Oh, it's not pretty


Anonymous said...

It's a little irritating reading what amounts to baseball writing these days. Within the same article, he uses the time-worn "Ed Wade is an idiot who neglected the majors and the minors." Then, he goes on to say how the minors are no longer the worst, and there are some good prospects in the lower levels. Do they even read what they write?

Anonymous said...

'to convinced the team' eh? What a moron.

Hal Jordan said...

The author also seems to think the Astros are moving to the NL West.

"And the scene of the crime, the NL Central, will be gone as well in another year (at least, as far as the NL West-bound Astros are concerned)."