Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There has to be a match here, right?

Total speculation here, but Hardball Talk has a report that the Indians are looking for:

With the price tags for Michael Cuddyer and Josh Willingham proving high, the Indians are looking to trade for a right-handed hitter to help at first base and/or in the outfield.

Alright. Michael Cuddyer was apparently offered a three-year $25m deal. Willingham is also looking for a three-year deal.

Hey. Wait. Perhaps they'd be interested in Carlos Lee, who "plays" first base and/or outfield. And can be had for half of his 2012 salary - or about $9.5m - but at one year.

The Indians are said to be interested in dealing from their bullpen, which I'm not sure matches up with the Astros' needs, but it's a starting point...