Friday, December 16, 2011

Melancon's mixed emotions

Brian McTaggart describes a tortured Mark Melancon:

Mark Melancon was eating a vacation lunch on a Cancun beach with his uncle on Wednesday when his wife walked up to him with a concerned look on her face. Melancon immediately thought the worst, thinking something was wrong with the couple's baby daughter, Brooklyn Marie.

"I hadn't seen a face like that from her since Brooklyn's been around," he said. "I just figured something was wrong and she needed help. She was full of emotions and then she told me the news, and I was just thankful Brooklyn was OK."

The Boston Globe's Peter Abraham talked to a very excited Mark Melancon:

Mark Melancon was on a beach in Cancun on Wednesday when he looked up and saw his wife, Mary Catherine, running his way.

“There was no reason in the world she would be running that fast and she had this expression on her face that was full of emotion,’’ Melancon said last night. “I was worried for a second that something was wrong. Then she started screaming, ‘You just got traded! It’s the Red Sox!'"


To McTaggart:
"I wish I could have won a little bit more, but every organization goes through those periods. I was looking forward to helping rebuild the team and create something very positive, but obviously I'm moving on and it's going to be a new and exciting adventure for me and my family."

To Abraham:
“I loved playing for the Yankees and getting a chance to pitch in the AL East. I’m glad to be going back to that division. Competition like that is good for you. I want to be on a contender with that kind of history and a front office that is solely there to win. It was amazing to me how different it was with the Astros. Houston was wonderful for my career and I enjoyed it. But now I’m in the kind of place I really want to be. Boston is the kind of team where you can create a lot of great memories."

Ahhh, the beauty of perspective...