Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GM Search Update: What We Know

Here is a recap of what we know so far regarding the GM Search, as of 8:22am Central Time, on December 7.

Royals Assistant GM J.J. Picollo
Dodgers Assistant GM Logan White
St. Louis' VP of Player Procurement Jeff Luhnow
Colorado Assistant GM Bill Geivett

Cincinnati's Scott Nethery

Thanks, But No Thanks
Andrew Friedman
Texas' Thad Levine
Chicago's Rick Hahn & MLB's Kim Ng


Anonymous said...

A guy from CBS Sportsline is saying on Twitter that Bill Geivett is seen as the leader and could be named GM as soon as this week. This makes no sense to me.

Geivett seems like a fine executive and all that, but he's a 50-year-old administrator who's been passed over for the last 20 GM openings. If Andrew Friedman was Choice #1, Geivett seems like a very odd Choice #2.

I hope Crane and Postolos aren't bowing to media pressure and getting desperate.

Anonymous said...

its a week before the dance and all the pretty girls are taken

Anonymous said...

Sort of, but not really. If Crane and Postolos know this is a long-term project, going with Gottfried for a while is better than grabbing someone like Geivett just to fill the opening. I doubt a new GM would be allowed to come in and clean house anyway, so it's not half as urgent as people seem to think.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up. Astros hired Jeff Luhnow, a world-class jerk, as GM. NO ONE in baseball likes this guy. If Crane and Postolos thought it was tough hiring a GM, wait until they try to find people to work under this jerk.