Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friction in St. Louis with Luhnow

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jeff Gordon has a good reaction to the hiring of Jeff Luhnow:

Jeff Luhnow became a polarizing figure in the Cardinals front office. Many old-school baseball guys bristled at his new-age thinking.

His willingness to tap unconventional resources – stat guys, bloggers, baseball outsiders with oddball theories -- drove some folks nuts.

Luhnow became one of Bill DeWitt Jr.’s favorite employees. His ascension to player development czar and the resulting turmoil drove general manager Walt Jocketty from the organization.

But Luhnow got results, both through the amateur draft and international signings. While the Cardinals quickly assembled a small army of prospects that helped them win the 2011 World Championship...

...Now Luhnow he moves on to the mammoth challenge of rebuilding an entire organization. He is brimming with confidence and ambition, so the fun is about to start in Houston.

That's just a snipped of the article. Click the link for the whole thing - well worth a read.