Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where's Koby?

Koby Clemens apparently bailed on his Winter Ball team, the Mayaguez Indians, and didn't provide a reason. Here's the original report from Puerto Rico, in which Mayaguez is seeking to keep Koby from playing for any other Winter League team.

Mayaguez owner Daniel Aquino:
"The paperwork will explain that he didn’t give reasons for abandoning the team. With this document we’re meeting the rules of the Caribbean Baseball Confederation, which assert that no one who abandons a team without good reason can play in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, or Venezuela … I’d like the fans and everyone else to know that we’re not looking to sanction Clemens. Even less do we wish to do him harm. We’re only following procedure.”

HBT mentions dueling rumors that Koby was worried about getting kidnapped, a la Wilson Ramos, and Roger Clemens told him to leave; and also that Roger told him to stay. It's all very dramatic. More to come.