Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, that's that.

Granted, it comes from Jon Heyman, but he just tweeted:

Prospective astros owner Jim crane has agreed to go to AL in 2013. He gets about $50M discount to go. He still needs vote of owners.

More from Heyman:

One ML owner: crane started to look like good guy when he ponied up $600M, looked like great guy when he agreed to go to AL.

So if you had any doubts about this being a power + money play, that should just about settle that.

Meanwhile, USA Today's Bob Nightengale puts the compensation for Crane/Houston at $80 million.


Anonymous said...

Incredibly, Maury Brown is still sticking with his original story, claiming MLB finally "got comfortable" with Crane and that the chances of the Astros moving to the A.L. in 2013 were "99.9999 percent" even if someone else was the buyer. Maury misread the Astros sale at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Either eliminating (Taco Bell, Goya, Citgo, Stanley, Minute Maid, H-E-B) or seriously cutting back (Budweiser, United/Continental) any business I would do that would support Crane's business partners...

Not actually anything against them, but by making it counter-productive to do business with Crane, we make it more difficult for him to enjoy any solid revenue streams from those. H-E-B, for instance, can always find other ways to market themselves that have nothing to do with the ALstros.

Mike Castleman Jr. said...
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Mike Castleman Jr. said...

Hey Mr. Taco Bell!

Get a freakin' grip!

It didn't matter who bought...a condition was ALWAYS going to be moving to the AL. You blaming Crane? You're an idiot and ought to go ahead and switch to the Marlins.

Anonymous said...

Mike Castleman - MLB didn't have the power to make the A.L. a "condition of the sale." That's why they used Crane's other skeletons against him.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Mr. Castleman was responding to, but no one will ever know if it was a true condition or a bluff. My suspicion is that it was a bluff, and probably not a serious one at that.

Anyways, Crane folded. Folded real quickly. He is an idiot or a coward in my mind. He offered damn good money to a group of people who only care about money. Not realizing that was more than enough to satisfy them, he let himself be bluffed into adding more. The guy is a total chump.

In fact, he is such a chump that his new buddies are basically shouting it to the press. That is essentially the translation of the quote: "Hah, he offered us damn good money, we were ecstatic, then he gave in on the move ploy. What a fool."

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

I'll stand by my statement...Crane or McLane had no choice...this was gonna happen. You bet they had the power to force the switch. It's called owner votes. Everyone might think it's unfair, crazy or meanspirited...but that's the big league's when it comes to the $$$'s

Secondly, my "get a grip" comment is more closely related to a thoughtless pursuit of "let's rise up and damage his business and make hime pay for his nefarious ways" (i'm paraphrasing but am accurate) with the veil of anonymity. you think these guys are in this to not make money? There isn't a fan on the planet who would have a snowball's chance of convincing the owner's to do the "right" thing.

If you want to be mad at anyone...fling your angst towards Selig. If Crane wanted to buy the Astros...the price included a league avoiding it (Crane's business background was 100% smokescreen tactically for Selig).

Bottom line...if you want to own a MLB pretty much agree to whatever the commissioner/owners want. No other way around it.

Go ahead...boycott the Astros...NO ONE WILL CARE THAT YOU DO! I predict that their attendance will be no worse by 2013 and probably much better and they will develop new fans. All you winers and haters out'll always have the NBA...

Anonymous said...

i'm not the one who said anything about a boycott. Never even crossed my mind.

Your statement "Bottom line...if you want to own a MLB pretty much agree to whatever the commissioner/owners want. No other way around it." is where we differ.

I can also say "if you want to pay a lot of money for a franchise, and raise the value of their assets, MLB will accept it at the end of the day. They won't turn down added value to their franchise."

Sure, Selig is complete scum, but Crane is a fool who unnecessarily caved.

Anonymous said...

Again, MLB can't force anyone to change leagues. Not only does the ML Constitution forbid it, but the commissioner's "best interests of baseball" powers don't apply, either.

MLB could have rejected Crane because of his skeletons or the amount of debt, etc., and MLB used those things against Crane. It's been obvious to everyone except Brown and Justice for months.

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

sure MLB can't force someone...but there leverage is approving a sale...that's the ball game.

I don't know if you were the first post...second post or both..but the second post clearly advocates economic retaliation against Crane personally and his partners...Lame

ANYONE...who was going to buy the Astros was going to be subject to the league move...they ain't moving the Dodgers no matter how idiotic the current ownership. Crane didn't cave on anything...if he wanted league approval...he was going to have to agree or not get owner if's, and's or but's.

MLB is a benevolent dictatorship as a result of the "8 men out" gambling scandal a century ago. Whether you agree with Selig or not...the commissioner's office is higher than God when it comes to the MLB.

The expiration of the CBA combined with the desire for more playoff games and a balanced league (accepting a balanced inter league schedule)...these are the elements that drive the economic justification for the owners going nuclear on this deal. No propective buyer was going be able to overcome these elements. $680 million for the Astros was a benchmark appraisal for ALL future transactions. What on earth could Crane do to "add value" in your words to the whole league other than the purchase price combined with reallignment?

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

Yo the following then go scream at a wall...

Anonymous said...

He adds value by the price he ofered. A price most consider a premium. This is hardly esoteric. Simple supply and demand.

And once again, you merely assert that there was no approval without a move. I seriously doubt this, but we will never know because Crane is a panty waist folder.