Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ooooh, what does this mean for Brandon Lyon?

Ken Rosenthal (and/or Jon Paul Morosi) talked to Ed Wade, who probably has mixed emotions about the sale of the Astros. Anyhow, they suggest the Astros won't be big players in free agency (no shock), thinking that maybe the Astros will get a shortstop, and some low-cost relief pitching. But how about that closer situation? It's not Brandon Lyon - it's Mark Melancon.

“The plan is for us to recognize that we’re rebuilding, to fill our needs with as many young players as we can.”

Wade also goes on to mention that the corner outfield spots will be manned by combinations of Martinez, Shuck, Bourgeois, and Bogusevic.

“We’re pretty much the land of opportunity right now.”