Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More prospect analysis!

Fangraphs fantasy arm, Rotographs, recently took a look at Houston's farm system and young major leaguers. While the post is obviously coming from a fantasy baseball perspective, there is still some good information provided.

They're predicting Clemens, Oberholtzer, Cosart, and possibly Keuchel to debut in mid to late 2012, which I would generally agree with, depending on injuries and if and when Wandy and/or Myers are moved.

Given the rebuild effort and the number of players that debuted last season, there are several guys to cover, and this piece hits most of them.

I would say a lot of Houston's rebuild effort is riding on the performance of several minor leaguers in 2012. A few important break-outs or busts this year will have a huge impact on how quickly the Astros return to respectability.