Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justice confirms Astros tried to change Team MVP

OH NOES! The Astros got their feelings hurt by the local BBWAA naming Hunter Pence Team MVP (something first mentioned in the Crawfish Boxes podcast). And Richard Justice took the BBWAA to task for it (still trying to determine if he's actually being serious):

When the Astros learned Pence had been voted MVP, they were anguished. Not angry, but anguished. Wade typically ordered them “to take the high road” even though voters hadn’t.

I suggested they refuse to participate in the banquet. But they wouldn’t do this because it’s a fundraiser for Minute Maid Charities.

And to the little men who voted for Hunter Pence: You had your laugh. You made your statement. Please enjoy it. Your time is just about up.

Now a word about Carlos Lee. Whatever you think of the guy, he goes out there every single day, plays through pain, through losing, never complains. He has gotten a bad reputation around here because the Astros gave him $100 million. But it’s ridiculous to hold him accountable for someone else’s mistake. He is and has always been a two-tool player. That is, he hits and hits with power. If the Astros decided to give him five-tool money, that’s on them.

I have absolutely no problem with Hunter Pence winning Team MVP. Even in departure, he did what Carlos Lee could not do: provide a return (in Singleton, Cosart, and Zeid). And if the local voting chapter wants to make a statement about the team, that's their prerogative. The purpose of the media is to give feedback on the team, and that's what they did. If their "time is up" for giving said feedback, then what the hell is the point? Aside from tossing softball columns and blog posts about how great a guy Carlos Lee is, of course.

Tal and Ed were anguished that something as virtually meaningless as Team MVP went to a former Astro. I just wish they seemed more anguished about a 56-106 team.