Monday, November 28, 2011

Justice: Brad Mills is safe

In Richard Justice's retrospective on Wade's career, we get this little nugget (that somewhat bucks conventional wisdom):

Jim Crane and George Postolos had to decide, not whether Ed Wade had done a bad job, but whether they could hire someone better. They decided they could and that’s why it appears Wade will be fired Monday. (Manager Brad Mills is safe.)

That's quite a parenthetical note, but Justice goes on...

Wade and Tal Smith may be the most visible departures, but if they’re the only changes, Crane and Postolos will be making a huge mistake.

For whom is that intended? Mills? Heck? Gottfried? Given the speed with which Wade and Smith were dismissed, I doubt that's the end of the axe-wielding.

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Anonymous said...

Justice is a such a tool. He should just come on out and say what he means and grace us with his baseball knowledge.

I suspect he means Heck since he has praised Mills in the past. I personally like Heck, although I can understand criticism of him, but Justice is so uninformed about prospects (and everything else), his opinion means nothing.