Monday, November 28, 2011

Derek Dietrich didn't think he could play baseball right away with the Astros organization, apparently

Another side note, while we comb the intertubes and Twinker for more Ed Wade/Tal Smith details. Here's an interview with 2007 3rd Round pick - and subsequently unsigned - Derek Dietrich.

So what happened with that Astros decision? Dietrich, now a prospect with Tampa Bay, as if that's fair:
“I knew I wanted to go somewhere where I could play baseball year round and in nice weather. But more than anything, I wanted a place where I could go and play right away, because the only way you can get better in this game is to play. (Georgia Tech Head) Coach (Danny) Hall assured me that he was going to give me an opportunity to play right away, and the facilities are unbelievable at Georgia Tech. It’s one of the best places to play in the country with great crowds, great fans.”

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