Monday, November 28, 2011

Baseball Time in Arlington's reaction

Now that we have to start thinking about AL West reactions to the Astros news, if you're not already, you should be acquainted with Baseball Time in Arlington, because they're an excellent Rangers-oriented (obviously) blog. They have some thoughts on what today's news means for the Rangers, with emphasis on the possibility of Levine/Preller, and even Mike Maddux as next manager (should Mills get fired).

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Anonymous said...

BBTiA is a great blog, but those guys are way too melodramatic when it comes to Thad Levine and A.J. Preller.

Levine is 40 years old and is just another administrator. There are 20 guys just like him around MLB, but because the Rangers are winning, he's a "hot name" all of a sudden. No one was talking about Levine two years ago. Did he suddenly get a lot smarter between age 38 and age 40?

Then there's Preller, who's 33 or 34 and wouldn't even be in his current job if he wasn't Jon Daniels' college roommate. Preller's biggest success story so far is Alexi Ogando, a one-year relief pitcher. That makes Preller one of the hottest GM names in baseball?

Preller is also famous for bidding $15 million for Cuban outfielder Leonys Martin when no other team is known to have bid more than $6 million. He also bid $5 million for Nomar Mazara when no one else bid more than $2 million. This is the guy who's going to rebuild the 'Stros on a budget? LOL.