Monday, November 21, 2011

Barmes to Pittsburgh

Yep, the Astros have no shortstop as Clint Barmes signed a 2-year, $10.5m deal with the Pirates.

"In talking with my agent and talking with the club, they were wanting to make a decision and they wanted to know by pretty much yesterday who their shortstop was going to be so they could continue to move on. It was one of those things they had a few others guys lined up behind me, and the way it was explained to me, I was the first in line as far as who they wanted. They threw a great offer."

The Astros will get a compensation pick for the Pirates signing the Type B free agent.

Angel Sanchez is - at the moment - most likely to fill that void, since the Astros don't really want to move Jimmy Paredes over from 3rd. If the Astros are looking for a short-term free agent move, Ronny Cedeno is neither a Type B nor B free agent, and thus wouldn't cost any picks. Edgar Renteria, Drew Sutton, and Cesar Izturis also fit that bill. Type B options at SS include Yuniesky Betancourt, Rafael Furcal, and Alex Gonzalez.