Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Update on Jim Crane

Zach Levine comes in with an update on the Jim Crane situation, who had a "brief editorial meeting" with the Chronicle.

In the link we find:
*The Astros-to-AL move has picked up steam, but there hasn't been any mention of compensation for the move.

The possibility of realignment was brought up before the sale was announced in a May press conference, but was sort of left alone. After a "small contingent of owners" met in Chicago in August, realignment talks lit back up.

“We’ve been asked at times to make an offer. We said we have a contract in place; we want to honor that contract and that’s what we want to execute on. We don’t want to change that. If you’d like us to consider something, give us something. We haven’t gotten that yet.”

*If November 30 comes and goes without Crane being approved, he would likely just leave it alone, but left the door open to a renegotiation.

*Also, Levine mentions a person familiar with the MLB's side of the situation:
...the primary issue delaying the sale remains past claims of unfair hiring practices and war profiteering by Crane’s shipping logistics companies.

Lots to consider here...