Wednesday, October 19, 2011


According to Baseball America:

The Astros re-signed Jonnathan Aristil, and Jose Valdez - the latter of which had elected free agency, and then re-upped with the Astros on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Towlesie won't be a FA till after the World Series, but can we re-sign him before then?

Anonymous said...

Why would the Astros want to sign Towles? He can't hit himself out of a wet paper sack!

Anonymous said...

I still hold out hope for Towles, even though I doubt we'll re-sign him. I just can't let his rookie season go... :'(

Reuben said...

Not only can Towles not hit, he's a horrible catcher. The fact that he was demoted in favor of the also-horrible Corporan tells you a lot about Towles and what the org thought of him.

Hopefully Q and Castro can both stay healthy next year.