Thursday, October 20, 2011

Justice chimes in

Richard Justice chimed in today on the news of the $50m discount:

If MLB believed there were other bidders willing to pay $680 million, it almost certainly would have sold the team to one of them.

Now Crane is asking McLane to reopen negotiations. My guess is that request will not sit well with McLane even if $630 million is more money than he could get if he put the team back on the market. If it’s true that Crane wants a discount, McLane may be the one who walks away this time.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, Justice, like Brown is still wedded to his original story. He'd be better off just saying he is sorry for relaying MLB's and Ryan's propaganda without proper vetting. He won't do that because he is too lacking in character to even consider that his tale has always been wrong.

Before he hits send on his story, he should check to see if there are things that just don't wash. For example, if it was only about character, negotiating the price down makes absolutely no sense. Why would McLane (or MLB) negotiate down with someone who cannot get approved?

Justice's new theory that Crane might have convinced Bud that character is not an issue is also internally inconsistent. If character is not an issue, then he will get approved and the deal would stand. Why would Drayton (or MLB) give 50 mil back?

I hope no other major cities are strapped with columnists as pathetic as him.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This hasn't been the finest hour for either Richard Justice or Maury Brown. No one likes to admit error, especially people who make a living as experts, but this has been a big whiff on their part.