Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The Astros took three players off the 40-man roster today. Who, you ask?

-Blake King, who was placed on Corpus' roster.
-Xavier Cedeno, who will be a free agent after the World Series.
-Lance Pendleton, who can become a free agent, thanks to an earlier outright off the 40-man roster.

I hope the Astros keep Cedeno and Pendleton, but this was likely about freeing up three spots for the 40-man roster to protect three of the newcomers from the summer from getting got in the Rule V draft.

Aha. Zach Levine has a note that Brandon Lyon, Alberto Arias, and Sergio Escalona were on the 60-Day DL at the end of the season. So they were not on the 40-man roster.