Monday, October 3, 2011

Delino DeShields is FanGraphs' Most Disappointing Astros Prospect of 2011

FanGraphs broke down the NL Central team-by-team in Most Disappointing Prospects. The Astros pick? Delino DeShields, Jr.

The speedy Astros prospect was over-matched during his first full pro season in A-ball. As expected, he didn’t hit for much power (.102 ISO) but he also didn’t post much in terms of average (.222). If we’re looking for positives, he posted a respectable walk rate (9.6 BB%), especially for someone that needs to get on base to use his best tool – his wheels. Despite his raw speed, DeShields needs to work on his base running and reading of the pitchers because was was nabbed 11 times in 41 tries.


Anonymous said...

DeShields is a good pick. Might as well throw in Mier, Bushue, Nash, Foltynewicz, Kvasnicka, Velasquez, Doran, and Heath to that list too. These Heck drafts have been brutal. I get it, Bobby. Tools are awesome. You know what else is awesome? Picking a player that doesn't suck.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a reply button? That last comment is HIlarious! But Nash still peaks my interest.