Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crane off to meet with Selig

Jim Crane is heading to meet with Bud Selig, according to CultureMap.

Anonymous source:
"Materials have been prepared for the meeting. They're going to discuss specifics."


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the dynamic of this story has changed. Looks like the Justice/Brown storyline is no longer in play. No one seems willing to sell that tripe any more.

The Hoston Culture whatever is more reliable in bringing news than the Chronicle. That is an interesting sidenote to this whole thing.

It is amazing how many storylines are out there, yet not pursued by the press in the fourth largest city.

Astros Fan said...

I love how all these people are suddenly complaining about Crane and the move to the American League. No one wanted to listen about Crane back in May. People were too dumb to see what was going on. It was all, "Yay! Drayton is gone!"

Now, it looks like it's too late. The Astros are getting an owner with a shady past, shady character, $350 million in debt, AND, as an added bonus, he's taking the team to the West, land of the 9:00 PM Central start times. Awesome.