Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chronicle lines up behind Crane

Hey, so here's an editorial from the Houston Chronicle, weighing in with an opinion on the Jim Crane Saga:

We don't know why Commissioner Selig has drawn out this process, but we do know that Crane has put together a more-than-fair proposal, including a solid ownership team of local investors. Rather than leaving the Astros and Houston in limbo, Major League Baseball officials need to specify whatever objections they have to the deal. If Crane can't win their approval, it's time to say so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

It is about time something like that emanated from the Chronicle. Too bad one of their so-called columnists couldn't have written it a long time ago.

A couple of points:

I still wish the paper would ask why the condition/request to move exists at all. Make MLB respond. Then, the fans can draw their own conclusions. Is this akin to extortion, just a good business practice, pure power play, etc? Similiarly, I see no reason for the local paper to present the pros to moving. Let MLB make that argument.

Finally, what is wrong with the paper siding with the fans? Channel some of the anger of the fans. I know plenty of people who are pissed, but the paper never conveys that.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Why has the paper (especially justice) been pushing MLB's agenda so far? They should be asking questions of MLB & then channeling the fans position.

Astros Fan said...

This site seems to attract the only Jim Crane fans on the internet. That Chronicle editorial was kind of silly. Everyone knows why the deal has been held up: questions about Crane's character, the problems with the Dodgers, the HUGE amount of debt in Crane's deal, and possible realignment.

The Chronicle is a weird newspaper. A few years ago, it was writing stories about Crane's problems, and now it seems surprised that people actually read them.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think you missed the point of the editorial. It was simply: End the hold up, regardless of the reasons. Just vote yea or nay.

It clearly acknowledged all of the supposed issues, but said he deserves a decision. Not sure how one could be critical of that notion.

ps. What have you read here that you view as coming from a Jim Crane fan? Not sure why opposing the MLB's condition/request or questioning MLB's lack of action, or the lack of interest by the Houston press makes one a "Crane fan."

Astros Fan said...

The editorial has exactly one sentence about Crane's character issues. Hardly a full recap.

Crane is in debt up to his ears to buy the Astros, and he's already trying to cash in by getting MLB to compensate him for moving the Astros to the American League. You Crane apologists seem to think he's fighting for Astros fans. He's not. He's fighting to line his own pockets.