Friday, October 28, 2011

Astros claim Craig Tatum

The Astros have claimed Craig Tatum from Baltimore, according to MLBTR.

In eight seasons in the minors, Tatum has posted a .249/.316/.377 line. He's managed 299 PAs in the Majors, with a .223/.291/.264 line.

I. Don't. Understand. Ultimately, it doesn't change that Castro and Quintero are your C1/C2, but...seriously?


Reuben said...

Corporan is horrible. They'd already cut the horrible Towles loose. Makes sense to have another catcher around. This guy was Wieters' backup this year, he must be at least slightly better than horrible.

And, what does it cost them, the minimum salary?

Anonymous said...

Organizational depth guy. When Brian Epstein is a Sept. callup, you know there's not much in the minor league loop. Tatum will be at Okla. City and could be in Houston if Castro can't make the call physically.

Anonymous said...

Make that Brian Esposito. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Snyder would have been a nice pick up, but probably too expensive for where we're at.