Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stark, with a Crane update

Jayson Stark has an update on the Jim Crane proceedings:

...Sources we've surveyed report that nothing substantial has changed, that Crane's bid is still "stuck in neutral" and that he still could wind up being approved under the right conditions -- with an agreement to allow his team to move to the American League ranking near or at the top of that list.


Anonymous said...

It is such an embarrassment that Crane can get extorted in this manner without a peep of defense from the Houston Chronicle. Instead, the paper continues to parrot MLB's story.

Intead of a jornalistic outrage about what MLB is doing to the Astros fanbase with the move and allowing the franchise to rot during the limbo period, we, the lucky fans of Houston get Dick Justice blogs and columns taking MLB's side.

A crying shame.

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle has done a lousy job covering the sale of the Astros, but it's not their job to "defend" Crane.

Anonymous said...

They do not need to defend Crane, just defend common decency, and how it affects the future of the franchise.

Even if you refuse to report that Crane's willingness to move is an important factor, ala Stark, you could at least ask why it is on the list AT ALL. Seriously, why is that a factor at all? Why is Houston supposed to solve MLB's desire for realignment? Because MLB has Houston over a barrel? Really, that isn't worth discussion.

My god, if MLB was asking the Mets to move as a condition of blessing Wilpon's problems, the New York media would be going ape. Everyone would see it as the ridiculous extortion it is. If it happens to Houston, barely a peep, from the media or the fans, they can't get their focus off of shiny objects regarding Crane's character, issues that MLB will totally ignore if Cranes agrees to move.