Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Michaels done for the year

As many of you already know, Jason Michaels broke his hand last night making a "diving" catch against the Phillies, and will be out for the season.

Mills, on whether that will mean the Astros need to add another outfielder for the express purpose of keeping Shuck/Bogusevic on the bench:
“I think we can make do. We’ll mix them around or whatever, but I think we’ll be OK.”

He allegedly mumbled, "Or we'll play without a right fielder against left-handed pitching." Working to confirm.


Blazemule said...

Oh the horror!!! What ever will we do! This is the freaking best thing to happen, I am just mad he did not do it earlier. Now hopefully Mills has no choice but to play the young kids against lefties, why he has such distrust of left handed hitters is beyond me. I am probably jinxing us and they will claim a crappy right handed washed up hitter to play right field against lefties. I just hope they do not resign him!

Andrew said...

The lefties aren't completely in the clear, Mills still has Bourgeois who can rotate in when a lefty pitches.

Blazemule said...

Crap I forgot! But at least one will play.