Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm no lawyer, but I think subpoenas are serious

So I'm not a lawyer (though I did take the LSAT), but it seems like if you get subpoenaed in a criminal trial, you might ought to show up. Someone should tell Bagwell that.

Former Astro Jeff Bagwell was subpoenaed by the defense in the criminal trial of former Dr. Michael Brown, who is facing assault charges of his fourth wife, Rachel Brown - the alleged mistress of the former Astro/formerly married Bagwell.

The defense subpoenaed Bagwell to appear, but he did not show up. Defense attorney Dick Deguerin said Bagwell is in hiding.

A couple of things about Michael Brown, as gleaned from the article: Rachel Brown was his fourth wife. Dr. Brown was convicted of assaulting his second wife, in 2002. He lost his medical license in 2006 when he tested positive for cocaine.

He's not exactly winning this PR battle, if there is one.

To read more about Brown, try this 2002 Houston Press profile. Or this one, from 2009.