Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I see a duel in someone's future

Maury Brown has a pretty good theory on the recent non-events in the sale of the Astros:

Crane and his sources could say that it’s the unwillingness to jump to the American League that ultimately doomed the sale. The league will say it’s a number of issues, but not say one way or the other on the jump from the NL. Hypothetically, Crane could have an out. His character ultimately wouldn’t be the reason for the deal not going through. In other words, Crane would save face.

With no one being able to come to a solid conclusion on just what is holding up the sale, it's certainly possible that it's all a way for Crane to back out, save his (and his investors', and Bank of America's) $680 million and go home. And we're back to Drayton.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Crane has publicly indicated his willingness to move the team to the Bowling League for a price makes me anxious to see this come true... hopefully, Crane bows out saying that MLB just wasn't willing to compensate him appropriately... but, otoh, if that is, indeed, the real issue, I don't perceive that it is, actually, a real issue... that is, in an environment where Bill Hall's $3 mil is little more than a write-off, why wouldn't every owner throw about that amount at Crane and allow him a $100 million subsidy to the purchase?

Anonymous said...

I like this side, but I really question your judgement. You have continually linked Brown's articles, which is fine of course, but then you fail to critically assess them, and then actually compliment them. The guy is obviously a hack for MLB. They feed him what they want, he reports it without ever asking one critical question.

So, his theory now is just as weak as all his previous idle speculation. It doesn't look nice when one thinks it through.

Astros County said...

2nd Anonymous: I'll go ahead and say that Brown is not a hack for MLB - he has a good reputation, and this is what he does. I'm not going to criticize him, either, because it would be (a) irrelevant, (b) me talking out of my rear end.

Brown has a well-established reputation in these matters, and he's done nothing that would discount his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Really? It is perfectly acceptable to praise him, but not to criticize him? I never realized that suspending judgement was a one way street.

Also, it is talking out of one's rear end to ask a reporter to ask even the simplist questions of MLB, questions that anyone with any level of honesty or inquisitiveness might ask?

For starters, if Crane is to be denied for personal baggage, do all the other owners clear this hurdle?

If the move is not a quid pro quo, why doesn't MLB come out and publically state that the move is not a, nor will ever be a factor?

If they do come out and say that, then ask 'well, if it isn't a factor, why was it brought up in the first place?

A better reporter would also consider that there are other sources within MLB who have said the opposite, and would then start to question the motivations of each competing set of sources, all in an effort to find out the truth.

Brown also willingly relays an eleven year old story that is complete BS.

This is a guy who has a good reputation as a reporter? Give me a break. He is a transparent hack.

Anonymous said...

i put up 680 mm to buy a team..then the commisioner changes the entire deal, switch leagues, screw my TV deal and I should say ok Mr Commissioner..geez..what a joke.Mclane should sue MLB today, Crane should sue MLB..and see ya all in court..what a joke..