Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I see a duel in someone's future

Maury Brown has a pretty good theory on the recent non-events in the sale of the Astros:

Crane and his sources could say that it’s the unwillingness to jump to the American League that ultimately doomed the sale. The league will say it’s a number of issues, but not say one way or the other on the jump from the NL. Hypothetically, Crane could have an out. His character ultimately wouldn’t be the reason for the deal not going through. In other words, Crane would save face.

With no one being able to come to a solid conclusion on just what is holding up the sale, it's certainly possible that it's all a way for Crane to back out, save his (and his investors', and Bank of America's) $680 million and go home. And we're back to Drayton.