Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wandy Situation is just another case of the Astros' terrible timing

One day before the Mitchell Report was released, Ed Wade traded five prospects to the Orioles for Miguel Tejada - who was, 24 hours later, then named in said report.

This is worse. Because at least the Astros got something back in return from the Orioles. Tejada posted a 6.2 WAR in 2008 and 2009. Luke Scott had a 6.1 WAR from 2008-2010. You can validly question the wisdom of trading for Tejada, but from an offensive standpoint, it sort of worked. It would have worked a lot better if the Astros were a good-hitting shortstop away from the playoffs. But they weren't, and that's why it got panned.

But if the reports are true - that the Rockies will not want to trade anyone at all for Wandy thanks to the raise he got less than eight months ago - then you can expect Wade to pull him back. If he lets Wandy walk with no return, then it's time for Wade to go - as he clearly has no sense of time or space.

With Tejada, Wade was just a hair too early. With Wandy (and Myers), he was far, far too late.


stdjcs33 said...

The Astros are going to have to provide compensation to the Rockies if they want quality prospects in return. They should be willing to take on up to half of the contract, if and only if, the Rockies are willing to part with one of their top pitching prospects and one of their top bats. Other than that they should hold onto him and try again next year.

Anonymous said...

They were *almost* a good hitting shortstop away from the playoffs... just fell a little short that first Tejada year if I recall correctly.

I think this is a defensive claim by the Rox, though, and the fact that they're not willing to move talent in exchange seems to affirm that.

AstroBrit said...

Have to disagree with you AC. Wandy's contract being a burden is bullshit cooked up by writers like Jon Heyman.

Come on, the Rockies bitching about having to take on Wandy's 3-year $36m commitment, when they paid Aaron Cook 3-years $30m.

Anonymous said...

the Tejada comparison is not a good comparison. I live in Baltimore and have seen what Baltimore really got. The pitchers were nothing special. Houston made them look better than they were. Luke Scott is very streaky, and is an outfielder. A short stop is a much more premium position.

Either way on the trade of Wandy we are going to pay cash for 2-3 prospects. I would figure they cost us 4-5 million each. In that case, they better be pretty good.

OR... Houston sends Wandy and 7 million for....Nolan Arendao 3B prospect, or Kyle Parker OF prospect and a reliever or top 30 prospect.

Astros County said...

All valid points. And if I remember right (meaning, "I don't care enough to look") doesn't Cook's contract come off the books this year?

AstroBrit said...

yes it does $9.25m this year.