Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Predictably, Drayton did not like trading Pence

Steve Campbell caught up with Drayton about the recent activity in the organization, particularly Hunter Pence:

“I saw him as the future Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio-type player. But you’ve got to change. Jim Crane really wants to focus on player development and bringing a new team along in a year or two. That’s part of baseball. You’ve got to really see what’s good for the organization.”

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT!? How preposterous!

Also, Jordan Schafer said the phrase "play good defense" three times in one paragraph.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I assume Drayton was referring to Pence's character when discussing his similarities to Bags and Biggio; Hunter is a good player, but there is no MVP or HOF in his future.....If he really thinks he's as good a player as those two, well that explains a lot about what happened to the team.....