Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power Rankings Are Serious Business

Beyond the Box Score and Fangraphs both updated their power rankings today, and predictably the Astros are 30th in each. Not much new information is presented in either, but here are the pertinent quotes for us.

Carlos Lee leads the team in home runs, which wouldn't be so bad if he was still a 30+ HR guy. Unfortunately he only has 11.

It's always nice to see immediate results from a trace, and that is what the Astros are getting now that Henry Sosa— who they netted in the Jeff Keppinger deal — is in the ‘Stros starting rotation. The results haven’t been great, but they haven’t been awful (2:1 K/BB in three starts) and if nothing else, Houston gets to take an extended look to see if he can contribute next year.

Also among those the Astros are interested in taking an extended look at: Jason Michaels. (read in your best SNL Gov. David Patterson voice)