Monday, August 1, 2011

Jim Callis' updated Astros prospect list

Via Alyson Footer, Jim Callis posted his Top 10 Prospect list for the newStros:

1. Jonathan Singleton, 1b/of
2. Jarred Cosart, rhp
3. George Springer, of
4. Jonathan Villar, ss
5. Brett Oberholtzer, lhp
6. Paul Clemens, rhp
7. Mike Foltynewicz, rhp
8. Delino DeShields, Jr., 2B
9. Jimmy Paredes, 2b/3b
10. Ariel Ovando, of

Click the link for a one-sentence description, but there are a couple of things to note about this list.

*Six of the top 10 prospects (according to Callis) were acquired by trades in the last 370 days.
*Once George Springer signs, he'll immediately become the #3 prospect in the organization.

If we go back and look at Keith Law's Top 100 prospects list from February, the Astros have now acquired #27 (Singleton), #34 (Cosart), in addition to #42 (Lyles) - who is obviously already in the Majors.


Anonymous said...

is it a sure thing george will sign, and any updates on jack Armstrong?

Astros County said...

Anonymous, after the raking The Apparatus has taken over the last 96 hours, I would be very surprised if they didn't get sign both. A while ago we talked to a sports reporter in Nashville, who said that Armstrong's signing was 50/50.

If Callis is willing to go ahead and slot Springer in as the #3 prospect, I'm guessing they get a deal done.

Warren said...

Villar, Parades, deshields not very good prospects. Never heard of Jim Callis.

AstroBrit said...

*Six of the top 10 prospects (according to Callis) were acquired by trades in the last 370 days.

You could go even further and point out that none of these guys where in the system before the 2010 draft (which Alyson Footer points out).

Anonymous said...

Warren, please quit talking out of your rear end. Deshields is the youngest player in his league who is very raw, but he has LOADS of talent. Paredes and Villar both have loads of talent as well. Villar has electric tools and has a 730 ops as a 20 year old at AA. Please just stop. I've also seen you bash Cosart and Singleton. They both have MAJOR upside as well. Singleton was the youngest player in the FSL and had above average numbers. Cosart has a fantastic arm.

OremLK said...

This is looking so, so much better than in years past. When your number 10 guy is a raw toolsy kid with superstar, middle of the order upside, you know things are getting better. At the end of '09, our tenth best prospect was T.J. Steele. Food for thought.

Warren said...

Sorry Anon. Do not get your panties bunched up. Villar and Deshields and Parades do not have loads of talent. Cosart and Singleton may have some promise but thus far have done nothing to get excited about.