Thursday, August 25, 2011

How the Wandy talks with the Rockies didn't go

Courtesy of the Denver Post we get a glimpse into the back-and-forth between the Astros and Rockies over Wandy. Here's the summary:

1. The Astros wanted the Rockies to take all of Wandy's contract.

2. And for the Rockies to give up Double-A catcher Willin Rosario, or Double-A LHP Drew Pomeranz (whom the Rockies just picked up for Ubaldo Jimenez).

3. The Rockies agreed to #1, but countered with 28-year old RHP Jason Hammel.

4. In the end, the Rockies balked at Houston's asking price and the Astros, in full-scale rebuilding mode, weren't willing to bail on Rodriguez's contract.


Reuben said...

That makes it sound rather simplistic. I'm sure the Rockies didn't, say, offer to give up Pomeranz if the Astros would pay $5mil of Wandy's salary, only to have Ed Wade say "Nope! You take every cent or NO DEAL!" They kicked in money in the OSwalt deal, the Pence deal, maybe even the Bourn deal. I'm sure they are willing to kick in on a Wandy deal too, especially with the back-loaded contract.

Ryan Sides said...

I have to agree. If Pomeranz was on the table at all, I'd think they'd eat as much money as needed.

However, I'm pretty sure he was never really an option. Why would they essentially trade Jimenez for Alex White and Wandy? Considering Pomeranz isn't far off, is also left handed, and much younger/cheaper (along with more upside), that doesn't seem like a wise move.

Jay said...

I'm fine with the Astros asking for alot. Wandy is going to be the best pitcher on the FA/Trade Market this winter at a much more reasonable price than say what CJ Wilson will get. It shouldn't be too hard to get quality prospects in return for him from someone.

Anonymous said...

The Rockies were willing to give up Christian Friedrich, who has struggled but he has a fairly high upside, #2 perhaps. He was rated as the #36 prospect, right behind Cosart and Singleton(#34 and #35 respectfully) according to MLB's Jonathan Mayo on the MLB prospect watch.