Thursday, August 25, 2011

How the Wandy talks with the Rockies didn't go

Courtesy of the Denver Post we get a glimpse into the back-and-forth between the Astros and Rockies over Wandy. Here's the summary:

1. The Astros wanted the Rockies to take all of Wandy's contract.

2. And for the Rockies to give up Double-A catcher Willin Rosario, or Double-A LHP Drew Pomeranz (whom the Rockies just picked up for Ubaldo Jimenez).

3. The Rockies agreed to #1, but countered with 28-year old RHP Jason Hammel.

4. In the end, the Rockies balked at Houston's asking price and the Astros, in full-scale rebuilding mode, weren't willing to bail on Rodriguez's contract.