Monday, August 1, 2011

Grading the Media

We can all give Ed Wade an incomplete, or at least a C- (B+ on the Pence deal, F- on the Bourn deal), but what about the Media? Let's give them a grade, eh? Now, we won't grade them on accuracy, as we - the bourgeois - have no idea the multitude of angles, the disinformation intentionally being sent out by teams, etc.

Houston Media - Incomplete

I have a problem with the fact that we had to turn to national writers to get news and rumors about the Astros. Richard Justice didn't have anything until 1:46pm Sunday. We'll call it incomplete because someone was talking to the media - it may have just not been the Astros.

This will obviously be something to work on with Crane and whomever he brings in at GM.

Ken Rosenthal: A

No one hit the rumors harder than Rosenthal. Via Twitter, or Fox Sports' Trade Buzz website, Rosenthal had up to date - and what turned out to be mostly accurate - information before anyone else. And where it seems like everyone else had a wonderful time slamming the Astros, Rosenthal at least tried to keep an even perspective for Houston.

Jon Paul Morosi: A-

He didn't have the rumor volume that Rosenthal had, but had a lot of good information.

David O'Brien: B+

The Braves' beat writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he turned out to be extremely accurate in his read on the Bourn deal (a deal would mean the Jordan Schafer era is over, etc.)

Joel Sherman: B+

Coming up on our radar screen because of the Yankees' rumored interest in Wandy Rodriguez, Sherman did a solid, solid job of keeping his followers on Twitter abreast of what the Yankees were up to. (Nothing, it turns out.)

Jerry Crasnick: B

In reference to the Astros, didn't have a whole lot of information on the deadline, but what he had was solid.

Buster Olney: B-

Olney also had a lot of good information, but it's our completely uninformed opinion that he got worked over by the Braves on Saturday morning in reference to the Pence-to-Phillies deal. Knocked down a notch for his little joke about the Astros getting realigned to the PCL - for which Bud Norris called him out.

Jon Heyman: D

Of course we're sensitive to this as we took the snide remarks about the organization personally, but Heyman acted more like an irresponsible blogger for his comments and retweets about Ed Wade and the Astros. It's one thing to be an ass-clown as a blogger, but as a nationally-respected journalist, to have this list attributed to you is indefensible. Had a lot of good information overshadowed (for us) by his perceived glee at Ed Wade's moves.