Thursday, August 11, 2011

FanGraphs, on just how fiercely Wade screwed the pooch with Wandy

Here's a solid breakdown of the complete lapse in judgment Ed Wade and the Astros made in extending Wandy to an asinine contract. Definitely worth your time.

Here's the nugget:
Because there are so few teams that would risk the possibility of having Rodriguez and his salary dumped in their laps, it remains unlikely that any team will claim Rodriguez on waivers. There might be a growing belief that a team will make a claim, but if we examine the whole picture it just doesn’t seem feasible. It also doesn’t seem feasible that the Astros would pull back Rodriguez rather than dump him wholesale on a claiming team. They need to cut payroll, and Rodriguez represents a decent chunk of their 2012 commitments. They might prefer to get something in return, but they’re not in a position to be picky right now.