Sunday, August 7, 2011

Even More Tranzactionz!

There was a whirlwind of activity following yesterday's Tranzactionz post, so let's break it down as follows:


Wesley Wright, Jeff Fulchino: From OKC to Houston
Henry Sosa: From Corpus to OKC

Sent Down

J.A. Happ: From Houston to OKC
Brian Esposito: From OKC to Corpus


Enerio Del Rosario (Houston)
Jimmy Van Ostrand (Corpus)
Jason Chowning (Lexington)

This had to happen. J.A. Happ, I mean. In his last eleven starts, the Astros are 1-10 (not that it really matters), but he has also allowed 78H/50ER, 48K:32BB in 55.2IP. Yes, in eleven starts, he's thrown 55.2IP. He's been quite unlucky over that stretch, suffering from a .391 BABIP, but he's only throwing 59% of his pitches for strikes, as well. He's not fooling anyone, either - only getting 7% swinging strikes, and 28% line drives.

Alright, now, Henry Sosa. He's already made his OKC debut - throwing 7IP, 5H/0ER, 3K:3BB on Friday night. This is something we can justifiably be excited about. Opponents were hitting .222 against him in three Corpus starts, with 17K:4BBin 18.2IP.