Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Downs is pissed!

Matt Downs is the latest MLBer to get all riled up at umpire officiating, when he took a called "strike" to push the count to 3-2, instead of a walk that would have loaded the bases:

“It changes the game completely when it goes from 3-1 walk to 3-2 and then I strike out. I get tired of umpires going back to the hotel and thinking they did a good job on the night and I have to go back to the hotel on a failure night after I feel like I walked 3-1 instead of punching out 3-2. Some kind of action has to be taken on just a bonehead call like that. I said I think that ball is in, and he said if I didn’t swing next time, it would be 3-2 strikeout. He told me it was a strike all the way, it was a great pitch. After looking at the film, I realized that it was not."

I was well asleep by the time this happened, so I didn't see it. And since Gameday is being a tarted-up nancyboy, I can't tell. What did you see?


Ryan Sides said...

It wasn't even close. JD in the booth was pretty hacked as well.

cptnbreakdance said...

Downs was 100% right. Ump made a TERRIBLE call, and that wasn't the first of the night. J.D's strikeout looking with two on was the same way, in on his hands and not a strike. His second strikeout "swinging" with the bases loaded should have been checked down to the first base ump and imho was a check swing. Very inconsistent strike zone last night to say the least.

Drew said...

Awful call. Wasn't close at all.

Altuve up with 1 out and the bases juiced, and maybe we're talking about a win today instead of a loss.

giveusliberty1776 said...

At least 8 inches inside. Big difference in bases loaded with 1 out instead of 2 on with two outs. It changed everything.

But that's baseball.

bmac said...

Downs is right. Call was horrible. What I don't understand is how C.B. Bucknor keeps coming back year after year. He can't umpire. He's terrible. He spent all night staring down anyone who took issue with his multitude of terrible calls. And that particular call screwed us. We had Putz on the ropes. And Bucknor is not the only one. Jerry Meals must go. Ask the Pirates about him. Where is the accountability?

nish said...

Yep, it was a ball. Buckie the quacky duckie was off all night. Much dis-respect to a terrible ump.